Welcome to the Freemirror project admin page.

Token identity

Token =

Access tokens function like a combined name and password for API Authentication.

This token and link is for user DEMO.


Freemirror is a project launched under the SocialPrints.co.za project and is used to gather Intel on suspicious and save lookout reports on number plates mentioned in posts by users and is available for FREE to community and crime fighting groups on Telegram.

You can use the freemirror admin page to setup and control groups interlinking and message forwarding between groups BUT remember WE DO NOT SUPPORT SPAMMING USERS.

As this is a free service (DONATIONS are more than welcome) offered to group admins to ease their workload and improve group/user message throughput, we do limit maximum message length of 8000 characters for group forwarding, this is done to improve and not to negatively influence other group communications.

There is a small fee associated if you plan to use and create your own private hotlists (ie NOT sharing the lookouts back to the NP Tracker project dataset).

I'me here to help and improve the system to aid in fighting crime in YOUR community.
If you have ANY concerns/compliments/complaints or suggestion, please feel free to either:

PS: Only by casting the net wider will we be able to catch more criminals, so get your fellow group admins to join their groups to this project OR just get them to add a freemirror BOT to there group so it too can be scanned for plates.

User location to group mapper with @groupjoinerBOT

External source/destinations

Supported platforms

target  webhook  

BOT statistics

BOTLast msg recievedUnsent MessagesGroups sharing BOTSend last 30 minutesSend last dayRX messages
@freemirrorBOT2014-07-01 12:13:1401234510555-

Group management

To add groups to this table you have to send the following to a group to prove that you have access to that group - NB remember to load the BOT as a participant to the group first.

Freemirror AUTH key (MwtcjhIW) - DO NOT REPLY

 Group IDGroup NameForward
11001Test Group 1Yes
21002Test Group 2Yes
31003Test Group 3No
Forward (tickbox) groups to
Pseudo group

1) To add a channel = @Channel_to_add
2) To add a Pseudo group (to add a url in @groupjoinerBOT) = URL_Group_name

Last messages

2014-07-01 12:13:14Eduard StanderTest group 1This is a test message to the group
2014-07-01 12:13:15James BondTest group 1I recieved your test message
2014-07-01 12:13:16John DowTest group 2Me too
2014-07-01 12:13:17Eduard StanderTest group 3The brown fox jumps...